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“This world is but canvas to our imaginations.” 

It was merely a move to Utah for the love of skiing that unfolded a life of adventure and exploration for Kalen Thorien. From the glaciers of Greenland to the depths of the Grand Canyon, her journey thus far has reached wild and remote places. As a four-season athlete, motorcyclist, writer, and photographer, Kalen has shaped a world for herself that allows her to pursue her dreams.  

Skier to Adventurer

It started with a love for snow and lead to an obsession for the outdoors. 

At 18, Kalen Thorien moved to Alta, Utah to pursue skiing. With only two years under her belt, the idea of becoming professional never crossed her mind. But passion drives ability and within a few seasons Kalen broke in to the ski industry and became a sponsored athlete. She didn't stop there. Her love for the outdoors evolved her into an explorer, pursuing adventure in all forms from, backpacking to canyoneering, packrafting, and more. She signed with Salomon in 2015 as a four-season athlete and since then has teamed with, Pit Viper, Smartwool, and more to continue pursuing

 one journey after the other. 


World of Two Wheels

After buying a motorcycle, the open road took on a whole new meaning 

Two years ago Kalen bought her first Harley-Davidson and never turned back. Putting over 25,000 miles on her bike in the first year, she's combined her love for the outdoors and skiing with the thrill of riding. From riding all over the United States, into the heart of Mexico and Baja, and navigating the winding roads of Europe, she's determined to cover the globe on her motorcycle - and brands have taken notice. She is now sponsored by Harley-Davidson and working to fulfill her dream and to inspire people to pick up a bike and go wherever the   open road might lead them. 



She spent all her money on a camera, and the world opened before her eyes. 

At 24, Kalen purchased her first camera, packed up her life, and hit the road. Being an avid solo traveler, she wanted to document her adventures to share with her followers and inspire others to get outside. Her ability to create content that was authentic, current, and unique landed her a large social audience, with almost 140,000 followers on Instagram as well as articles with National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, Conde Naste Traveler, Iron and Air, and more. 



Authentic content has lead to partnerships with major brands.

With a quick rise in the world of social media, Kalen's ability to generate unique and genuine content has opened up doors to working with major brands and tourism boards such as Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Firestone Tires, Pacifico, REI, Travel Alberta, Jack Links, and more.

With these partnerships she combines her authentic self, never promoting product she doesn't believe in. This maintains trust with her followers and assures brands that the content she creates embodies her personality and creativity. 

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